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Memory Photos Sticker Pack (100 Stickers)

Memory Photos Sticker Pack (100 Stickers)

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This collection pack of 100 photo stickers are comprised of four different sizes. In my experience, depending on the pack, there are doubles, rather than one of each photo. It's a surprise each time. You can see in the product images of possible photo combination you might get.

Additional Details

100 die-cut stickers
Pack: 130x170mm | 5.12x6.69"
Size 1: 60x40mm | 2.36x1.58" (~25)
Size 2: 60x80mm | 2.36x3.15" (~30)
Size 3: 70x70mm | 2.76x2.76" (~30)
Size 4: 50x90mm | 1.97x3.54" (~15)

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